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Be the Leaf!
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A Legend of Korra discussion comm and all that jazz.

Welcome Acolytes
To Air Temple Island.

Hello Acolytes, to be_the_leaf. We are a Legend of Korra discussion community, a place for Korra fans to come together to talk about the show, share opinions, artwork and theories. We will also have watching posts when new episodes air to experience the show as a community.

Community Rules
Please Read.

Some basic rules that ought to be mentioned: please appreciate that violating these rules could result in you getting kicked off the island.

1) We all have opinions, and they're not always going to mesh, and that's fine. Disagreements are okay, fights and insults are not. Getting personal and being generally nasty to others won't be tolerated: we want this to be a safe environment for people to share their opinions. This includes trolling, attacking or stalking people outside the comm such as on tumblr; members found doing this will be banned and reported to livejournal.

2) Inappropriate or offensive comments will be deleted and the user making them will be annexed. Any derogatory or discriminatory remarks, including comments about people's race, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, body shape, etc etc, is forbidden and banworthy.

3) OT (off topic) comments are tolerated but don't overdo it - spamming posts or promoting other comms is frowned upon in this establishment. We'll have FFA (free for all) posts where most anything goes.

4) Let's make an effort to make this comm SFW-ish, so please post explicit art or manips as links or under spoiler cuts. Also: please don't post any art which depicts underage characters (such as Ikki, Meelo, or Jinora) in explicit or sexual positions, because they are kids and that's nasty. Also, pretty sure it's illegal.

5) Please don't hesitate to contact a mod if you have any questions or need to report something, we're here for you guys.

Content: You may post whatever you please so long as it's related to Legend of Korra. News, questions, fan art, discussion, pictures, and more are very welcome.

Tags: Tag all your post with the existing tags. If you need a new tag to be added, comment here.

Fanfiction: Please use the following format when posting fanfiction:

Fanart: Please source your art. PLEASE!! There are tools to figure out sources (i.e google reverse image search)

Any more questions? comment here.
Contact Us.
know your mods.

Your modding team is comprised of prettywitch, also known as alexanndria from tumblr; ishaistheleaf, aka makorracaps in tumblrland, and crystalzelda, commonly referred to as crystalzelda around tumblr - bet you didn't see that one coming.

We are here for you should you need to talk to one of us; please refer to the contact-a-mod link on the homepage. You can also reach us at our askbox on tumblr if you need to talk to us quickly. We're pretty awesome but don't be shy, we don't bite. Well, Isha does and Alex is kind of totally strange, but crystalzelda is a totally normal sweetheart, so talk to her. Not those other two weirdos.

thank you.

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